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    Dynamic race wheels MTB with straight spokes with high efficiency, reliability and service life.

    Durable and strong rim has adjusted sidewall peaks that restrict tire penetration and vibration during braking. Rear wheelset consists of 24 spokes with straight head that are mechanically more stable and more resistant against damage. Hubs have lamellar cases for placing of the spokes at an angle of the wheelset, this ensures ideal transfer of the power from the hub to the rim. Front wheels are strung only by 24 spokes which ensure sufficient strength at low weight.

    Diameter: 559x18
    Weight of pair: 1660 g

    Technical specification

    STING – way to triumph - 26", 27,5", 29"
    Treatmentblack anodization, white painted
    Spokes straight reduced - black
    HubAl Remerx light disc - black, red anodization
    Wheel24 / 28
    Weight26" - 1660 g, 27,5": 1728 g, 29": 1820 g
    Weight limit95 kg