Registrace CZEN


Wheels for hard terrains.

Wheels 26", 27,5" and 29" modern conception, well served in hard terrain. Ridge of the rim is rigid and thus achieves better transmission of the tractive strength from the rim to the hub. Hubs of these wheels can be placed by RU or fixed axis 15 mm or 20 mm at the front wheel and by axis 12 x 142 mm at the back wheel.

 Hub with indusrial bearings
Front: 24 spokes,weight 820 g
Rear: 24 spokes,weight 970g
Weight of pair: 1790g

Technical specification

SpokesAL. Color: SA, BA, White, RED
HubRemerx. Color: SA, BA, RED
NipplesAL. Color: SA, BA, RED
Wheel24 / 24
Weight1790 g, 1880 g, 1970 g
Size559x21, 584x21, 622x21
Weight limit100 kg

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