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XCO RIO Al - 26", 27,5", 29"


Wheels with aluminum spokes for maximum performance.

Lightweight rim entangled by aluminum spokes. High strength of aluminum spokes over 4000 N (400 kg) gives rigidity and dynamics to the wheels. Already in the first ride you can feel a significant differences in characteristics bicycles with using aluminum spokes compared to stainless steel spokes. This type satisfy especially cyclists who want to be successful and who like interesting wheels. 

Technical specification

XCO RIO Al - 26", 27,5", 29"
Treatmentblack anodized BA, white painted WCx
SpokesAl straight – black BA, red RA, silver SA anodized, white painted WCx
HubAl light black BA, red RA, silver SA anodized, white painted WCx, flange with 6 points for disc brake, diameter of hub body 68 mm, industrial bearings: front hub – 2 Pcs, rear hub – 4 Pcs, Al cassette body
NipplesAL staight. Color SA, BA, Red
Wheel24 / 24
Weight26" - 1594 g, 27,5" - 1650 g
Size559x17, 584x17, 622x17
Weight limit

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