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  • Description

    Road wheels with high resistance and lifespan

     Wheels with aerodynamic profile of the rim excel with the side strength and stability. For these wheelsets is important combination of the straight stainless and bent stainless spokes on rear wheel to get the rear wheel more stable. Wheels are very resistant, efficient and ideal for racing and training. They satisfy even the most demanding cyclists.

    DIAMETER: 622x15
    Front 20 spokes: 782 g
    Rear 24 spokes: 998 g
    WEIGHT OF PAIR: 1780 g

    Technical specification

    Treatmentblack anodized BA+CNC, white painted WCx+CNC
    Spokesstainless straight 2 / 1,7 / 2 mm – black, Left rear – stainless bent 2 mm - black
    HubHub Rear: Al for straight with two types of flange (left and bent right spokes) - black, red, silver anodized, white painted, industrial bearings 4 Pcs, Aluminium cassette body is equipped with two steel, reinforcement, Hub Front: Al radial for straight spokes, industrial bearings 2 Pcs
    Wheel20 / 24
    Weight1780 g
    Weight limit