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Silver anodized

Atractive silver and shining aspect. Advantage silver anodized is higher stability and resistance of surface rim. Silver anodized has a bright metallic appearance, the surface is very hard, durable and corrosion resistant.

Black anodized (electrolytic)

Company REMERX using the best technology for anodization of a rim, which is incommutable. Clear and full black colour increasing atraction of rim and stability material. Black anodized increases hardness of the surface and corrosion resistance of the rims. Anodized is more stable and abrasion resistant.

White glossy varnish

Great hit is white colour, which is offer only for bicycle disc. Current technologies are not able to produce white anodized, but in practice is very often used paint. White version is performed by profiles or rims varnishing with modern technologies – varnish burning.

Black glossy varnish

Coating of aluminum profiles is modern technology of the surface finishing. Rims producers mostly use this technology for quality and stable surfaces.


Basic version AL without surface treatment. Surface treatment does excel low price.

Technology increase utility properties of rims

GBS- CNC braking sides

For higher effect of rims brake is right raise surface for space braking with soft groove.

SEE- Single eyelet

Hole for spokes is strengthened with eyelet, which is heigthening stability and resistance of hole for nipels and spokes.

DEE- Double eyelet

Hole for spokes is strengthened and add to extra dram, which is heigthening stronghold of hole for spokes.

Specific properties of rims

DFJ - Double Fixed Joint

REMERX comes with a new technology of rim jointing, which is called Double Fix Joint. It is a unique technology, which provides the rim joint with an outstanding strength, elasticity and resistance against craking.  As the rim is not treated thermally by welding, the material has equal strength.

Method DFJ is applicable nearly on all the new rims and all the rims in high category.

AHD - double angels drilling

-the hole for spokes can be drilled under 2 angles. The first angle is in direction of side deviation, which better is enabled of sitting down for nipl. The second angle is in direction of spoking- is provided for ideal sitting down of nipl, which increase spoking and centering of bicycle.


The rim is designed only for disc brakes and for disc bicycle.

Technology - surface treatment


Safety construction is created by higher thickness of a base a tyre hook to avoid of abruption when braking sides wear out.

During an excessive wear of the rim sidewall starts leaning out and spontaneous braking starts under influence of the rim enlargement.

Braking surface is deformed to a groove and a small crack starts appear in a connection and activity of the rim. This small groove in a activity limites leaning and abruption of sidewall.

Rims with this construction have higher rigidity and bigger permitted wearing out of braking surface- 0,5mm.

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