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About Remerx company

REMERX Company Ltd. was founded in 1990 and is ranked among European manufacturers of rims, entangled wheels, hubs and spokes.

We offer products which are directly produced in Czech republic

Rims Remerx – we produce aluminium rims of each categories and treatments

Wheels Remerx – all the components produced in our production are directly in our company completing and arises final product – wheel. In our offer we have wheels of all price categories.

Hubs Remerx – we produce aluminium hubs from quality aluminium alloys. We are focuses on production of high quality hubs with industrial ball bearings where the focuse is on quality and design of the actual product. In our production we have hubs for V-brakes, Disc brakes (for standard Quick release or for Thru axles) and special category for scooters (diameter 65mm/100mm).

Spokes Remerx – produced from high quality from Swedish steel which do not have in the world measurements competition! SANDVIK material is marked with high resistence and durability. Spokes have excellent mechanical properties and long lifetime.

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