Registrace CZEN


Starring : Reliable wheelset with strong rim

Racing and training wheels with rims with eyelets and with reduced spokes (2 / 1,7 / 2 mm). Optimization of the spokes characteristics provides reliability of the whole wheelset.

Diameter: 622x15
Spokes: stainless reduced 2/1,7/2 mm - black, straight front, bent rear
Hub: Al Remerx light road
Front 20 spokes, weight: 798 g
Rear 24 spokes, weight: 976 g

Weight of pair :1774 g

Technical specification

Treatmentblack anodization + GBS + eyelents
Spokes Stainless butted – black or stainless bent - black
Hub Al for straight stainless steel spokes or combined, cassette: RMX Shimano 9/10 or RMX Shimano 11
Wheel20 / 24
Weight1774 g
Weight limit

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