Registrace CZEN


Durable tubular wheels for road and even terrain

Highly effective wheels for a fast ride with great starting and uphill acceleration. Increased bearing surface for nipples, straight placement of Aluminium spokes in the hub and high rigidity give excel to dynamic characteristics of these wheels. Softly worked braking surfaces provide very effective and fluent braking in the rain and in the mud. Wheels are designed for road racing cycling and cyclocross.

Dimension: 28"
Front 20spokes,weight 695 g
Rear 24 spokes,weight 910 g
Weight of pair: 1605 g

Technical specification

RTX 28"
TreatmentSA+GBS, BA+GBS, White+GBS
SpokesAL RX 4500. Color: SA, BA, White, RED
HubAl for straight spokes, Color: SA, BA, RED
NipplesAL, Color SA, BA, RED
Wheel20 / 24
Weight1605 g
Weight limit

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